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Company News
“America for Bulgaria” supports Kelvin Health’s mission for better healthcare
April 27, 2023

Glad to share “America for Bulgaria” believed in our efforts to to make complications from socially significant diseases a thing of the past and decided to support us financially in our journey! 

Early detecting of vascular conditions, especially PAD, requires frequent screening, which traditional methods often could not provide for number of reasons. Either, they are highly-invasive and costly, or they are performed only when there are symptoms already in place - which in some cases may be too late. 

To address these issues, Kelvin Health develops a revolutionary medical device consisting of hardware and software components, utilizing the cutting-edge developments in Thermography AI. 

A key part for achieving this is to collect statistically viable data and further training our Machine Learning algorithms. 

This is exactly what the financial support from America for Bulgaria will be used for. This is an extremely important aspect of our R&D cycles. It will enable us to reach our next milestone - a fully validated AI methodology for screening and monitoring PAD. 

Team Kelvin Health wants to say special thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation for recognizing our efforts to improve the quality of life for people suffering from PAD and ultimately save their limbs and lives!


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