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Company News
Kelvin Health among the top five startups recognized as impactful innovators as part of the annual Investor of the Year awards for 2023
March 5, 2024

We are happy to share that Kelvin Health was among the five startup companies recognized as impactful innovators as part of the annual Investor of the Year awards ceremony.

A prestigious jury of government officials, business owners, industry experts, scientists, and media representatives selected the winning startups for 2023. We are enjoying the great company of four outstanding Bulgarian ventures - Evrotrust, DRONAMICS, Daye, and Barin Sports.

It's encouraging that the InvestBulgaria Agency / Българска агенция за инвестиции has decided to dedicate a special track to recognize early stage companies, along with the main awards for biggest investments in the Bulgarian economy.

Our CEO Georgi Kadrev had the pleasure to share the stage with fellow entrepreneurs like George Dimitrov, Konstantin Rangelov, Valentina Milanova 🇺🇦 and some of the strongest supporters of the initiative like the minister of innovation and growth Milena Stoycheva and the executive director of the agency Mila Nenova.

We can't be anything but bullish about the economy of the country and its positioning as an entrepreneurship and innovation leader in the region. Something that is a result of more than a decade of consistent efforts in that direction by many selfless stakeholders.


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