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Kelvin Health Partners with AccessMedica to Drive Advanced Thermal Imaging Solutions in U.S. Healthcare
February 26, 2024

We are happy to announce an important partnership for Kelvin Health’s market development journey - the one with AccessMedica!

AccessMedica is a team of international consultants who help healthcare innovators scale their solutions by overcoming market limitations. They have worked on implementing healthcare solutions in various therapeutic fields such as cardiology, neurology, oncology as well as mental health, and even biochemistry and microbiology. Speaking in figures, AccessMedica has worked with over 520k patients until the present date and has managed digital health projects that totaled more than $15 million in external funding, both government and industry investments! AccessMedica’s team contributed to groundbreaking precision medicine innovation and redesigning care for patients with the help of validated digital health solutions, most notably the atrial fibrillation (AFib) detection algorithm in the Apple Watch.

In Kelvin Health’s context, this partnership is crucial for achieving our next milestone, namely the successful penetration of the U.S. market, taking into account its unique requirements. On one hand, our joint effort involves understanding the complexities and specifics of the U.S. market regulations so that Kelvin Health can adequately address them. On the other hand, AccessMedica is helping us gather the needed recommendations and insights from healthcare professionals on the practical application of our software medical device in real patient scenarios.

The current landscape, when it comes to PAD, requires an updated healthcare solution that will overcome the hard access to frequent screening and monitoring that leads to severe complications later. To make this a reality, Kelvin Health offers rapid and cost-efficient triage by using a mobile thermal imaging camera that captures the heat of the body, segments the thermal image, and applies artificial intelligence to detect anomalies related to vascular conditions. Currently, our emphasis is on advancing technical development as well as gathering a sufficient amount of medically annotated thermal data and our focus is to foster a connection with one of the leading and most innovative health ecosystems worldwide - the American one.

Thanks to the partnership with AccessMedica we are one step ahead in achieving this desired acceleration of delivering our mission to the patients. We have a concrete goal of practical implementation of Kelvin Health’s solution that will deliver success in the long-term business aspect. Still, we most importantly will improve patient outcomes and improve the quality of healthcare and life, respectively. Our whole team is excited about this partnership and we are eager to see the fruits of this collaboration!


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