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Company News
Kelvin Health Awarded “Best Company to Work For” at Med-Tech World ’23
October 31, 2023

We are happy to announce Kelvin Health was awarded the “Best Company to Work For” Prize at Med Tech World ’23 - one of the most inspiring and widespread health tech conferences worldwide! As one of the most influential events in the industry, Med Tech World “23 gathers more than 300 speakers and thought leaders, as well as 1,500 health industry leaders.

The event took place in Malta on the 19th and 20th of October, and Kelvin Health was represented for a second year in a row by Georgi Kadrev, CEO, and Georgi Kostadinov, CTO of Kelvin Health.  Georgi Kadrev was one of the speakers on the second day of the event, giving a keynote on Thermography AI Enabling Efficient Diabetes Chronic Care. The session laid the foundations for candid discussion among peers and providers, and we are always happy to see our product is capable of sparking up insightful conversations.

The conference was preceded by the Med-Tech Forum (CEO-only event)  on the 18th of October, where the CEOs had the opportunity to collaborate and exchange valuable experiences. The forum presented an opportunity for open and candid discussions on topics such as dealing with strategics as investors and/or acquirers, (independent) board members, having physicians as ambassadors, or fundraising differences in the EU vs. the US.

The following two days of the event, the focus was on insightful panels ranging from investor thesis and portfolio management to regulatory and reimbursement to challenges of the healthcare systems and interactions between different stakeholders. The sessions ended with networking events, which also provided the opportunity to acquire new connections and get to know other industry leaders. Besides Georgi Kadrev’s keynote on  Thermography AI Enabling Efficient Diabetes Chronic Care, Kelvin Health also had an expo booth showcasing our product.

The highlight was the award ceremony, where we received recognition for “Best Company to Work For.”  Our team is thrilled that Kelvin Health is recognized as an excellent workplace for ambitious, determined, and valuable people who join efforts and craft the future of accessible modern healthcare.

We are incredibly thankful that we had the chance to participate for a second year in a row in an event that gathers people aiming to redefine the boundaries of healthcare through innovation and technology. Our team gained helpful insights on global healthcare trends, expanded its network, and received inspiration for a year ahead. Thanks to  Dylan Attard, Giovanni Lauricella, Gavin S., and the entire team behind this event for making it possible. We are already looking forward to what the following year's edition will bring!


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